Monday, March 1, 2010

Is this thing on?

Please allow me to step up to the mic to introduce myself. My name, ahem, stage name is Sandy Bottoms and am currently a dancer at the SF Lusty Lady and a student at a local four-year university, studying history and law. But all of this is neither here nor there, and while background information about me may be interesting (or not), some can be found in the About Me section and will be weaseled away in future posts. Instead let me introduce some of my hopes, desires, and intentions, which I find to be much more relevant for an opening.

In the near future I hope to graduate from school while maintaining a scandalous, positive, and healthy head space when it comes to my sex-related work, which I indulge in voraciously. I desire to keep the sparks flying between myself and my long-time sweetheart, create and explore new partners and friendships, and indulge in my many, and varied, whims and fantasies. Finally, I intend to take risks in my ventures, exhibiting myself to the world as I am.

And here is where you come in Dear Diary and prospective audience: I want you to help me witness it all. Through this blog I want to have a concrete record of my projected glories and tribulations, a space for my ideas and thoughts to be aired and tested by myself and others, and a forum through which others may offer their own constructive predictions/suggestions/criticisms/support based upon their own experiences. With this I shall begin on what I can only hope to be at minimum a very interesting exhibition of myself.


  1. As a patron of the sex industry I'm certain that sex workers need to be protected by law with regulation. The LL is a rare place. I also believe that the peep show has consquences for patrons lap dancing does not have. As long as patrons are responsible the sex industry is positive. Physical pleasure is not addictive for most people, and it's healthy, unlike substance habits or going over the edge with misguided religious notions.

  2. I completely agree. It's upsetting that sex is negatively stigmatized in this society and many normal sexual practices are still considered taboo. I believe indulging in (safe) fantasies is perfectly natural and believe, for the most part, unhealthy sexual practices often come from the repression of what feels natural.