Sunday, December 19, 2010



Somehow this December has flown by with me hardly having a chance to breathe it all in let alone process and reflect. Its been exhilarating yet exhausting and I pinkie promise myself (and whoever else reads this!) that I am going to trudge through the half dozen entry introductions properly sometime in the near future. Granted this month is not quite over and there is still a momentous amount of excitement to get to yet with the holidays, my birthday, and important work deadlines fast approaching, but I will not let myself get sucked away from recording any longer.

Alright, here I go; inhaling, soaking up the sensations, and letting it linger over me in only the good ways. I am sure whatever else is not going to come out in any chronological order, please just bear with me.

Monday, December 6, 2010


In an effort to raise money for much needed repairs, renovations, and novelties the Lusty Lady hosts a scandalous holiday party at an outside location where patrons, fans, and passersby can get up close and personal with their favorite ladies. Emceed by Kingfish of Hubba Hubba Revue and headlined by DESTROYER (KISS coverband), The Minks (all girl Kinks coverband), Horror X, and Trixxie Carr on the mainstage the kinky KISS-MASS holiday party will be held at the DNA Lounge this coming Friday the December 10th from 9 to 2 am.

Unlike other work holiday functions this party offers Star of David pastied nips, foot worship and private dances, raffle prizes from some of SF's kinkiest and sex-positive sources, naughty elf burlesque, and even a donkey show amongst the tinsel, carols, and pink Christmas trees. While I haven't yet decided if I will be offering any private sessions (though perhaps may be convinced if Im asked real nice) you may spot me getting naughty with Siouxsie Q in the kissing booth and triapsing around the main floor and the upstairs VIP area with raffle tickets to sell all night long.