Monday, January 17, 2011

Crash Pad Shoot!

I arrive at the SF location 10 minutes early of course. Apparently the clock on my phone is 10 minutes ahead and I'm more or less early to everything anyways, so I get to the Crash Pad shoot with more than enough time to take in my new surroundings, learn the names of the people filming, and finish getting myself ready. Its early in the morning (OK, only a little before 10 am-an ungodly hour for a stripper) and usually not my sexy time, but I'm so incredibly stoked to be participating in the shoot.

Rosebud Siouxsie, my friend and scene partner, arrives shortly after and we briefly run through how we want to look in the scene and the actions. We are a ridiculous pair in general and thrown into this even more ridiculous surreal experience of getting paid to dress up and fuck just exasperates these qualities. The dressing area is a fury of tutus and grannie sweaters, red and pink lipstick, dildos, and stockings, the perfect setting to decide that in this scene we are going to mimic the good girl/bad girl version of each other. Both being curvy Jewish white girls with dark hair and bangs this isn't too much of a leap.

"Is the rosary too much?" Siouxsie asks at one point, to which I reply yes. "Then its staying on."

Donned in bows, pink tutu, and braces I fill the role of the good girl blindfolded and led unknowingly into a bedroom by my bad girl doppelganger, presumably to be taught how to be like her. Ordering me to the bed the scene begins, with me being a rather silent and lost bottom, a phenomenon I hadn't expected to occur. Don't get me wrong the scene was hot and my co-star even hotter, but I can't act to save my own life, at least not in this role.

Thankfully we had planned on switching roles halfway through the shoot, conspiring that my character would teach Siouxsie a thing or two after my initial corruption. THIS toppy (yes, I'm creating an adjective here) and dominant persona just appeared out of nowhere and I somehow ended up being even meaner and domineering than her bad girl persona, mimicking and making fun of her noises, telling her to gag on her dildo, and ....well, the rest you'll just have to see.

After finishing the scene we proceeded to gossip and giggle like little girls, completely baffling the amazing film crew, somehow not even blinking at the explicit actions we just performed or the unusual environment. Crash Pad always conducts a follow up interview with the performers, asking various questions regarding how we feel post shoot, why we chose to do porn, and finally, how do we know each other.

"Well, Sandy technically is my boss," replies Siouxsie, forcing all three filmmaker's jaws to drop as we again burst into a fit of giggles.

This being my first porn shoot I don't have much of anything to compare this experience with but I know I've stumbled across something unique and different with Pink and White Productions. They are made up of truly sex-positive, radical, and friendly beings who can recognize whats hot, regardless of the normative, and capture it in a way mainstream porn hasn't come near to breaching. Given the chance I would work with them again and again, no regrets.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crash Pad

Somewhere in the archives of my blog I mentioned the desire to shoot with Pink and White Productions for their Crash Pad Series, a queer-alt porn series that shines the spotlight on hot and steamy (steamy being their word of choice that I can't help repeating) gender fluid and sexually diverse individuals with the intention of capturing real passion. While patience isn't always one of my strengths, in this case it has finally paid off and I will be shooting my very first scene for them with my good friend, fellow Lusty, and porn star, Rosebud Siouxsie. I'd would have really liked to have typed the above bit of this entry in annoying bold capital letters to emphasize my excitement...but I didn't.

Some have warned me against doing anything more in the adult entertainment business for fear that my involvement may hinder a future in law and while I appreciate their care and concern I am holding no reservations. Not only do I aspire to change our social zeitgeist through amendments made to our legal system to legitimate sex-work as work I plan on leading by example. If I am not accepted into a law school or professional facility based upon work I have done in the past then I have additional fuel in my fire and even more evidence for why the social temperament needs to be drastically altered.

If you'd like to peruse the wonderfully unique and progressive Crash Pad Series or keep an eye out for my future clips check out the Crash Pad Series website.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out-Perving the Perverts

I know it goes beyond my better judgment but sometimes I just can't help letting some of my true kinky and subversive colors show to some of our patrons, especially in Private Pleasures. Pants down and eager for fantasy fulfillment the men regularly ask me what I am into sexually. On the surface this may appear to be a inclusive and inviting question, showing that this experience is supposed to be intimate and fun for both of us. However, one must never be fooled.

What they REALLY want to hear are a few scripted and predicted scenarios:

"Mmmm I like to fuck girls and boys. I bet you'd like to see me grab a hottie from stage and show you how wet we can get..."


"I like big hard cocks buried deep in my little slit from behind. Just like this...want to see?"

Moments later the overstimulated gentleman's trigger will go off and he won't think a millisecond more about my person or sexual desires. Though this phenomenon is totally legitimate and, really, expected behavior, sometimes my inner rebel, probably leftover from my soapbox hollering punk days, has to push the limits.

A couple of times I've started out slow, following their lead with a line that could be out of a cheesy porn magazine that is sure to get their juices flowing then inserting more provocative statements as I go alluding to me liking to be tied up, hit, suffocated, and bruised, watching boys fuck each other, or being a tranny chaser. Any one of these topics almost always result in a befuddled expression on the poor blokes face and an obvious decrease in blood pressure.

Alas I never like to disappoint or rob my faithful visitors of a hot and steamy fantasy session so after I've finished my experiment I immediately jump back into my mainstream porno suit and finish them off with more of the softcore phrases they like. While the motive for such behavior is entirely selfish, I wouldn't consider it to be unkind, and, while this may be a stretch, I hope that my poking and prodding might help open up some of them to some new possibilities.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Building a Library

In addition to fiercely racing through college textbooks and LSAT study guides, this past year I spent a lot of time perusing books, essays, and articles written and collected by sex-workers of all types. While I certainly have not liked everything I have come across I do believe seeing the various perspectives of performers, escorts, patrons, Johns, and those who abstain to be valuable to my own ideological and academic development. One of my current projects at the SF Lusty Lady peepshow is to turn our current library (read: three small shelves of feminist and sex-positive literature mixed with old and unwanted textbooks and more vegan cookbooks than anyone could possibly ever need) into an actual resource center and archive for sex-business related content and its various offshoots.

To start this project I asked one of our wonderful Support Staff members to build a larger shelving system which will now be housed in a common area and accessible to all members of the co-op at all times, hoping that the now nearly empty shelves will be filled with all kinds of interesting and prompting entities. Posting a call for books in the dressing room has brought in a handful of new additions from our current dancers but its obvious this goal won't be met by ourselves.

If you have the means and the will you can help build the Lusty Library by dropping off or sending any appropriate books to the Lusty Lady SF itself (please make note of their intended purpose when doing so) OR checking out the Amazon Wishlist.