Saturday, January 8, 2011

Crash Pad

Somewhere in the archives of my blog I mentioned the desire to shoot with Pink and White Productions for their Crash Pad Series, a queer-alt porn series that shines the spotlight on hot and steamy (steamy being their word of choice that I can't help repeating) gender fluid and sexually diverse individuals with the intention of capturing real passion. While patience isn't always one of my strengths, in this case it has finally paid off and I will be shooting my very first scene for them with my good friend, fellow Lusty, and porn star, Rosebud Siouxsie. I'd would have really liked to have typed the above bit of this entry in annoying bold capital letters to emphasize my excitement...but I didn't.

Some have warned me against doing anything more in the adult entertainment business for fear that my involvement may hinder a future in law and while I appreciate their care and concern I am holding no reservations. Not only do I aspire to change our social zeitgeist through amendments made to our legal system to legitimate sex-work as work I plan on leading by example. If I am not accepted into a law school or professional facility based upon work I have done in the past then I have additional fuel in my fire and even more evidence for why the social temperament needs to be drastically altered.

If you'd like to peruse the wonderfully unique and progressive Crash Pad Series or keep an eye out for my future clips check out the Crash Pad Series website.


  1. Very happy for you! Honestly I wouldn't worry about sex work you've done hindering your future unless you're running for office or something and even then..? There is so so much fucking porn out there the odds are your nearest and dearest will not stumble upon it. Of course that's only my opinion and personal experience, for what it's worth. :) Have fun!!!!

  2. Awesome! And yeah, buck the system. You're smart and capable. xx