Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out-Perving the Perverts

I know it goes beyond my better judgment but sometimes I just can't help letting some of my true kinky and subversive colors show to some of our patrons, especially in Private Pleasures. Pants down and eager for fantasy fulfillment the men regularly ask me what I am into sexually. On the surface this may appear to be a inclusive and inviting question, showing that this experience is supposed to be intimate and fun for both of us. However, one must never be fooled.

What they REALLY want to hear are a few scripted and predicted scenarios:

"Mmmm I like to fuck girls and boys. I bet you'd like to see me grab a hottie from stage and show you how wet we can get..."


"I like big hard cocks buried deep in my little slit from behind. Just like this...want to see?"

Moments later the overstimulated gentleman's trigger will go off and he won't think a millisecond more about my person or sexual desires. Though this phenomenon is totally legitimate and, really, expected behavior, sometimes my inner rebel, probably leftover from my soapbox hollering punk days, has to push the limits.

A couple of times I've started out slow, following their lead with a line that could be out of a cheesy porn magazine that is sure to get their juices flowing then inserting more provocative statements as I go alluding to me liking to be tied up, hit, suffocated, and bruised, watching boys fuck each other, or being a tranny chaser. Any one of these topics almost always result in a befuddled expression on the poor blokes face and an obvious decrease in blood pressure.

Alas I never like to disappoint or rob my faithful visitors of a hot and steamy fantasy session so after I've finished my experiment I immediately jump back into my mainstream porno suit and finish them off with more of the softcore phrases they like. While the motive for such behavior is entirely selfish, I wouldn't consider it to be unkind, and, while this may be a stretch, I hope that my poking and prodding might help open up some of them to some new possibilities.


  1. I always try to push the boundaries of what is acceptable in conversation with customers, even though I know what it is that they want to hear. I've even had customers tell me that I'd make more money if I just shut up and pouty-lipped tired cheesy-porn phrases at them all night, but I just can't seem to let my stubborn streak go!

    It's great to hear about the experiences of someone as confident and honest as yourself. The Lusty was the first place I applied to last year when I made my foray into stripping, but I never got called in :( I ended up working next door for the better part of last year, but I've since moved to another club.

    Rock on, Miss Bottoms!

  2. Most pornography and porn affectations include stereotypical behavior on the part of the performers as conceived purely by the men who design, create, and direct it. Your patrons have been primed to believe that the ritualistic, standard lines are what they want to hear. What I want to hear and see is honest feminine desire, however most porn customers, including myself, are consuming it because women automatically reject them sexually and porn is as close as they can get to the real thing. The standard stereotypical poses, lines, and mannerisms by the female performers is just one more reminder that we are barred from experiencing any authentic, genuine desire. Feminine desire rules the planet and grants the rights to pleasure only to those who deserve it in the eyes of nature. One of the biggest reasons porn and erotic performance venues, as well as prostitution, are frowned upon is that they do provide an outlet for men who have been rejected by nature and an ordered sexual society depends on these men suffering their rejection without recourse.

  3. Thank you both for reading and leaving me feedback! Really, I don't think I have the capacity to appreciate it anymore than I do.

    Miss Hallyohare - I am SOOO glad I am not the only one whose stubborn streak goes so far as to probably infringe on making money. I'm sorry to hear that we were never able to become co-workers at the LL but I certainly still consider ourselves comrades.

    Sir TT - I wish all of our patron's desires matched yours!