Sunday, May 16, 2010

Events Events Events

Oh Lordy, the next couple of weeks are going to be intense....

With the last day of finals coming Friday and Saturday being the big graduation day (woot!), its a wonder how I am able to focus on anything else. However, focus I must and here is a brief list (ad) of the various upcoming events you can spot me at:

*Friday, May 21 @ the Uptown in Oakland come see me perform for the first time EVER on a stage with the Bay Area's very own gothic strip revue, the Black Widows -lots of sexy dark ladies giving out lap dances and unique performances for your viewing pleasure

*Saturday, May 22 @ SF Mission Control's Kinky Salon themed WET!-come get wet with myself and some very slippery Lusties as we perform at the Midnight Cabaret!

*Saturday, June 5th @ the Lexington Club in SF for the gay Pride Parade Float fundraiser aptly named the BOOTY BASH-I've been working my tail off gathering loverly ladies to tantalize your eyes with some saucy lobster burlesque, Lusty lap dances, scandalous raffles, and other nautical naughtiness!

So come reward my good girl behavior and come support myself and my compatriots at these events, ahoy!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Its Obvious I'm a Stripper When...

It's obvious that I am a stripper when:

-heels in varying stages of repair are strewn across my desk

-glittery makeup falls out of my backpack at school

-I wiggle my ass every time I lean down to pick something up off the floor

-my ears perk up to anyone being referred to by what could be a stripper name (Candy, Trixxie, Honey, even Lucy or Wendy hehe)

-I stop reacting to strange men whipping out their genitals in public be continued...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Booth Thoughts

I have come to the conclusion, dear diary, that men with fetishes seem to be the most polite and pleasant customers at the Lusty Lady. I don't know what it is...whether they feel that they have to compensate for their taboo desires by being ultra-nice, but it is definitely always a bonus when they come in. Today I had my first and second foot fetish custies in booth (two separate occasions of course) and both of them sent endless compliments and praises my way. A chubby-chaser who has come to see me a couple times (yes I was offended at first by being called thick) practically places me on a pedestal, telling me all he would want to do is get me tiara and make me a princess.

In my limited experience it is generally (I emphasize generally) the "normal" men that are into mainstream sexual practices that burn me out in booth. Considering mainstream pornography is male-centric and emphatic on the behalf of male control, female humiliation, and objectification, it is no wonder that these customers sometimes leave me feeling slightly used and uncomfortable. These are the men that haggle tooth and nail, call me names (not in the BDSM sorta way), refuse to tip, and act as if I am somehow beneath them.

So yes, I will take pantie sniffers, submissives, chubby chasers, leg-foot-hand fetish, pain lovers, bi-trans-unisex customer any day over the average Financial District suit or North Beach frat.

Unless, of course, I'm proven wrong....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ladies Galore

I am constantly reminded of just how amazing my fellow Lusties truly are. While most people who come to see them of course come to see their sexy nakedness, I get the opportunity to see them both within their each unique persona and without. Out of the dozens of dancers would anyone know which ones had children? Additional careers?

As a newbie I have gotten into the habit of asking older dancers probably what seems to be way too many questions: do you dance anywhere else? when did you start dancing at the LL? etc. Although I've probably driven my coworkers crazy. I found the information incredibly insightful. Some are career strippers, having danced for years at various clubs all over the US and plan to do so until they can't dance anymore. Some are professors, while others are students like myself. Some have very supportive and interested family support systems, while others have to hide their job or don't even have contact at all. Some are on their own, some live with friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, lovers, children, grandparents. Some are professional sex workers, dominatrix's, and porn stars, enjoying their life to the absolute fullest, while others have heartbreaking stories of love, sickness, and eternal perseverance.

My only suggestion to you, dear readers, is to keep coming back. Keep coming back to your favorite unionized-co-op peepshow, but in addition to getting off to the beautiful wigged-up, dolled-up sex kitten dancing in front of you, get off on the mystery of her true beauty, her confidence, and her story.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maybe, Just Maybe

While growing up I could never be called a graceful child. Spending my summers and free time riding bikes and jumping into pools, I gained the reputation of being quite the klutz. My body, covered in cuts and scrapes, scabs and bruises was constant proof of my inability to be dainty and full of restraint. While I certainly did have my tomboy tendencies, I still loved playing with my Barbies and looking at the women in girlie magazines. My family, obviously aware of disparity in my character like to tease "there goes your modeling career" whenever I sustained a new injury.

No fear, dear diary, this entry is neither about my family scarring or damaging me in any way, nor a plea for sympathy or attention, merely a glimpse into the foundation of my perfectly-sound self.

Years go by and scars on legs, arms, and face eventually fade and some have disappeared. Lotions and make-up generally take care of the rest. I can't say that the chiding words of my family did not effect me; during high school I chose to stay behind the camera, refusing to have my picture taken by anyone. But now, as confindence in myself and my appearance grows (not to the point of being vain), I feel like maybe something can come from it.

By no means do I intend or even desire to be a fashion model or famous or anything related to a professional modeling career, but maybe I shouldn't be afraid of the camera anymore. I still don't feel particularly photogenic, but maybe with some instruction from some fellow Lusties (whom have offered) and practice it would be possible to dabble within this next year before starting law school. While my recent tumbles on stage in heals (and on level sidewalks in normal shoes) are proof I haven't completely outgrown my klutziness, I'm not going to let it check my many whims.