Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Its Obvious I'm a Stripper When...

It's obvious that I am a stripper when:

-heels in varying stages of repair are strewn across my desk

-glittery makeup falls out of my backpack at school

-I wiggle my ass every time I lean down to pick something up off the floor

-my ears perk up to anyone being referred to by what could be a stripper name (Candy, Trixxie, Honey, even Lucy or Wendy hehe)

-I stop reacting to strange men whipping out their genitals in public

...to be continued...


  1. -When something in my purse starts vibrating on the bus... and it doesn't stop because it isn't my phone...

    -When I go to reach for that textbook in your backpack and can't find it under all of the spandex and dildos

    -I go out dancing (with clothes on) and find that I can't dance without grabbing my boobs and tousling my hair.

  2. d'oooh I meant "my backpack". I don't know how to edit these things :P

  3. Ah, the dancing one has gotten me into trouble.