Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ladies Galore

I am constantly reminded of just how amazing my fellow Lusties truly are. While most people who come to see them of course come to see their sexy nakedness, I get the opportunity to see them both within their each unique persona and without. Out of the dozens of dancers would anyone know which ones had children? Additional careers?

As a newbie I have gotten into the habit of asking older dancers probably what seems to be way too many questions: do you dance anywhere else? when did you start dancing at the LL? etc. Although I've probably driven my coworkers crazy. I found the information incredibly insightful. Some are career strippers, having danced for years at various clubs all over the US and plan to do so until they can't dance anymore. Some are professors, while others are students like myself. Some have very supportive and interested family support systems, while others have to hide their job or don't even have contact at all. Some are on their own, some live with friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, lovers, children, grandparents. Some are professional sex workers, dominatrix's, and porn stars, enjoying their life to the absolute fullest, while others have heartbreaking stories of love, sickness, and eternal perseverance.

My only suggestion to you, dear readers, is to keep coming back. Keep coming back to your favorite unionized-co-op peepshow, but in addition to getting off to the beautiful wigged-up, dolled-up sex kitten dancing in front of you, get off on the mystery of her true beauty, her confidence, and her story.

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