Monday, May 10, 2010

Booth Thoughts

I have come to the conclusion, dear diary, that men with fetishes seem to be the most polite and pleasant customers at the Lusty Lady. I don't know what it is...whether they feel that they have to compensate for their taboo desires by being ultra-nice, but it is definitely always a bonus when they come in. Today I had my first and second foot fetish custies in booth (two separate occasions of course) and both of them sent endless compliments and praises my way. A chubby-chaser who has come to see me a couple times (yes I was offended at first by being called thick) practically places me on a pedestal, telling me all he would want to do is get me tiara and make me a princess.

In my limited experience it is generally (I emphasize generally) the "normal" men that are into mainstream sexual practices that burn me out in booth. Considering mainstream pornography is male-centric and emphatic on the behalf of male control, female humiliation, and objectification, it is no wonder that these customers sometimes leave me feeling slightly used and uncomfortable. These are the men that haggle tooth and nail, call me names (not in the BDSM sorta way), refuse to tip, and act as if I am somehow beneath them.

So yes, I will take pantie sniffers, submissives, chubby chasers, leg-foot-hand fetish, pain lovers, bi-trans-unisex customer any day over the average Financial District suit or North Beach frat.

Unless, of course, I'm proven wrong....

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