Monday, September 13, 2010


Oh gosh I love the customers that just come in to the Lusty to talk. While they are few and far between our Private Pleasures sessions can be so educational and mutually theraputic.

In one of my most recent encounters our faithful patron, who out of kindness I will not name, paid me the price of a show and tipped me generously before starting our chat. Due to the rareness, the onset of such interactions can be a bit awkward with myself usually undressing before the patron has declared a different motive for his visit, but generally the vulnerability of honesty and openness from the customer balance the obvious vulnerability of nakedness on my part. In this case our conversation only lasted a few minutes the topics ranging from residency history (his, not mine), tattoo symbolism, to Lusty Lady history I hadn't known. While I would have kept the meter running for such valuable company, he quickly thanked me for my time and wished me the best of luck as soon as the first buzzer went off.

Other chit-chatty customers like the attention focused more on themselves, which for a work-a-holic stripper can be quite the relief at times. I've heard the woes of men who have just gotten dumped and divorced, the happy announcements of engagements and marriage, and anecdotes of all shapes and sizes brought back from the office, vacation, sexual expeditions, and practically any other category of story one can imagine. I've seen frustration, glee, confusion, melancholy, and illumination on more faces than I can count and been empathetic to them all.

While sometimes the conversations can turn a bit heavy, I generally get some sort of pressure relieved off my shoulders in the process as well. These people aren't looking for a hot body to fetishize or eroticize they are looking for an open ear and, for whatever reason, can't find it anywhere else in the "real" world. They come to us, strippers and masturbators, not to gawk or get off but to relate to another human being. Being what I am I often have a hard time relating to others back in my clothes and far away from the glass it is awfully nice to have someone from the outside choose to connect me in such a basic human way.

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