Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thoughts/Wants/Wishes/Goals/Desires/Musings/Hopes for the next year

-write a book
-network more for myself and community
-love unconditionally
-be loved unconditionally
-do yoga once a week
-be a good Madam
-process before I act
-receive a love letter (perhaps write one too)
-light more candles
-go on more road trips
-be a muse
-find the muse within myself
-pimp out my tortoise's habitat
-learn to sew a dress (a decent one!)
-be more patient
-expect to be treated with respect and intention
-purchase and use a typewriter (a fancy pink one would be nice...)
-be more thoughtful and spontaneous
-come out to more family members
-organize my closet
-adopt a fuzzy animal (conditional upon organizing the closet so says Boyfriend)
-eat more organic produce
-be completely naked on stage more often

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