Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bam Bam

Oh Diary, I know I have been away for a while, though not for lack of information to share. This past week had been a bit rough between school, work, event planning for the Lusty Pride parade fundraiser, and boy and girl issues, but it was not all for naught. Despite all of this, I know I need to keep my head up and try to think of only the positive things, which is why I want to share my first BDSM sampler experience. Yes, I have had some public and private spanking sessions with the boyfriend, coworkers, and others, but this mini demonstration has really gotten me going.

Now out of my experience I have learned I enjoy thuddy versus stingy things to be hit with, the cane and paddle being my particular favorites. The horse whip was ok, but I was too paranoid of it cutting my skin to really enjoy it. I definitely did not enjoy the Wartenberg wheel on my back after being bopped due to insane ticklishness, but I loved it on my wrists and arms before the demonstration.

I am not interested in getting into the BDSM lifestyle but I'd love to bring more of it into the bedroom, or play parties for that matter. While bare bottom spanking is still my favorite, I am glad I am able to add more to my list of things that get me off...hopefully I will be able to add more soon. Any suggestions and recommendations for online or printed resources would be greatly appreciated!


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  2. The paddle and the cane, two of my favorites, though I prefer to be the one using them. Do you like getting hit hard enough to cause bruising? Does the Lusty Lady mind if you come to work with your ass all marked up?

  3. A little bit of bruising is ok, especially if they're sustained by repetition rather than by singularly hard blows. Nah, no one really minds at work, but I try to cover them up using make-up anyways. What are your experiences?

  4. Mostly I play around with paddles, canes and occasionally tying some one up. I find whips and floggers not as satisfying to use. Nothing too hard core. But, I enjoy leaving some big bruises if my partner likes it and I can work them into the right state.