Thursday, April 22, 2010

What if...

On a slightly more serious matter:

In the near future our President Obama will have the important task of appointing the next Supreme Court Justice. Now with the resignation of Justice John Paul Stevens, the media has frenzied itself with the question of who will Obama appoint next, and more importantly (apparently to them) will they be of Protestant faith, as was the resigning Justice. Now, as often occurs during my 3-hour long law class, I got to thinking...the media , and presumably the public, is getting all worked up over the religion of the next Justice, though it is not supposed to reflect upon the quality of their decision making . As has happened in the past the backgrounds of potential appointees are thoroughly scrutinized for biases before being approved or denied.

Jeeze, so what if my legislative ambitions were as high...

an ex-stripper (by that time I imagine!) radical-thinking, deviance indulging woman from ore than humble origins would definitely be denied. But what an interesting perspective I could offer to the moderately-conservative make-up of the highest court in the United Constitution and Bill of Rights, humanitarian, class justice criminal perspective....

maybe I should try to set my sights higher?

(BTW wouldn't those shoes look amazing peeking out from underneath black robes?)

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