Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Seattle Lusty Lady Closing!


We at the SF Lusty Lady have recently heard about the closing of our Seattle namesake and feel for our sister dancers more than words can describe due to our rich shared history and worker sympathy. Although our doors remain open, we too are reeling with the impact of an economic recession and the rising use of internet pornography and are in the midst of a peepshow overhaul. For all you SF Lusty followers take comfort in that we refuse to go give up our show, but expect things to be a bit different than business as usual, though we believe the changes made will be all for the best and make your (and our) experience much more tantalizing.

Changes to expect:

-Private Pleasures starting at 9 am instead of 11 am Monday through Friday (we want to help you with that morning wood)
-interior revamp, new paint, new merchandise display, new signs directing you to the various sexy activities
-intensification of PR, more photos, more theme nights, more interactive advertising, more Tweets
-more Lusty events (come check us out at our LL Pride Parade Fundraiser Party coming soon!)

To all our supporters: we thank you for sticking with us and we hope to see you in our doors soon!


  1. I hope the Lusty Lady survives, I love that the place is owned and run by the ladies. It makes it the best one around. Not to mention that watching you lovely ladies always puts a smile on my face (among other things). I'll have to come to the fund raiser and show my support, perhaps I'll bring my girl.

  2. Please do! In addition to all the other mayhem I'm involved in I'm actually in charge of coordinating the event, so any suggestions and feedback (post events) would be really helpful. And tell your friends, neighbors, local postal service employee...everyone what we're all about!