Friday, April 9, 2010

A Treatise on Sandy

In light of recent questions regarding the origin of my name and the 'Sandy Bottoms' persona I have decided to formally enlighten. First and foremost I think you need to understand the dire situation I was in the summer I auditioned; I obtained a TERRIBLE sunburn across my bottom while on a trip to SoCal only a mere couple of days before the audition, leaving me feeling permenantly marred (and yes I still have the tan lines). Because of my beach trip and my general elation over being able to enjoy the beaches of SF I also listened to quite a bit of surf rock, which set the receptors for my boyfriends suggestion of the name Miss Sandy Bottoms.

While some ladies choose to create a persona external to their real selves, Sandy is taken from a part of me, or rather, a part of my real personality. Sandy is the part of me that is able to indulge in never-ending games of dress up and flirtation (or down), she is perky, naive and always willing to please, and a bit of a glamor-puss. While most of my friends and family know about my job at the LL and Sandy, the girly-girl side of myself is checked by my mother hen tendencies, my (ex-) Bay Area punk roots (septum ring goes up behind glass), and my willingness to get dirty and tough in both talk and play.

Admittedly, due to Sandy being inspired by a piece of myself, the lines do tend to blur. Sometimes Sandy is from SF and likes to talk about local bands with cute punk boys in the hall.....instead of being the sunscreen coated Sandy from Venice Beach. At other times Sandy does like to wear the apron used at home for baking and crafting in booth for custies and to read historical fiction where others can see. In addition to adding myself to Sandy I have noticed more and more that Sandy is building something in the real me; confidence, flamboyance, and the willingness to be self expressive, all of which are tendencies I only flirted with without her.

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