Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Booth Musings

Its this time of year, between Thanksgiving and New Years, that things really start slowing down in the peepshow, and really, North Beach as a whole. With patron's superfluous money being diverted towards gifts, travel expenses, and holiday dinners and time monopolized by the need to work overtime to make up the difference, the Lusty Lady has been downright dead. While this *ouch* hurts all of our paychecks, I have been feeling particularly lonely in Private Pleasures as of late, but have been trying to find ways to keep myself occupied.

Sitting in an aquarium at the end of a chilly hallway left to my own devices, pining to be off and doing something constructive or arty (or even pointless and silly), I started to write down a little bit of information about some of my booth patrons. Don't worry lads and lasses I pinkie promise I will refrain from sharing this information publicly for I often feel like I'm retaining privileged knowledge of individuals I'm not morally or legally obligated to share, like a therapist or religious figure perhaps. However, it has been suggested they would make an interesting Edward Gorey style alphabet book:

A is for Adolf who loves to show his SS tattoo's to me.

B is for Brian who likes to be assaulted by bears.

C is for Clyde who pretends to lick and suck my toes.

D is for David who just goes and goes and goes...

Paired with some silly, and maybe explicit, black and white sketches I think this might make a very unique little pocket book gift...

....or maybe not.


  1. This is what I want for Christmas.

  2. Oh gosh, Im seriously thinking this might be a really good idea. Just need to find an illistrator...

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  4. ugh, I accidentally deleted my own post!

    I have some illustration experience. :)

  5. Silly girl...

    I think we need to pow wow and make this happen.