Monday, November 22, 2010


After having had some complete dating failures with women I have joined the bandwagon at last. In an effort to dissuade men-folk from sending me messages (really, I have nothing against you guys! I just have my fill at the moment and don't want to waste anyones time) I have explicitly asked them NOT to message me right at the very top of my page. Despite my "looking for" section listing trans, boi, and girlies specifically I still have had 28 messages from men, single and strictly monogamous to boot, within 48 hours.

While I checked them all one by one into the trash file I did pause to read two of them. The first, from a polyamorous hetero-flexible man in a long-term partnership who thought he found a creative loophole in my declaration that men need not apply, managing to glean a chuckle out of me before finally hitting the delete button. My most recent one has left me less than amused, coming from someone with the username dudeguymanman.

This one I didn't even need to open. I mean, really?

I know I know I know it has only been a couple of days but I am seriously starting to doubt that I am going to have the patience for this site despite other's rave reviews. Anyone have any successful secrets they would like to share?

le sigh....

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  1. Yeah OKcupid can be a crapshoot. I think all online dating is a bit blahh...cuz of unreal expectations (not saying you have them, but just in general)...either people project themselves as people they aren't (for attention), or they are too picky. Either way, sorry that a lot of men dont read. If getting that many responses from guys with 1-2 days was the case, i wouldn't be surprised if most of them just saw your pictures. Except the one poly dude.