Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My Week, Every Week

Detecting the wear and tear work has done on body and mind, loved ones have recently approached me with concern, asking me just how much I work at the Lusty Lady. Since it was suggested I write out my duties for my own reflection, I have decided to share it with you:

20+ = the number of hours onstage or in PP

3 = for writing and reciting the hotline schedule at 3:00 am for a week at least once a month

10+ = for being a Junior Madam: making the schedule, checking in with dancers, and office work

7+ = if I happen to have the on-call phone

3 = for assistant PR: working on the website, collaborating for fliers, events, and corralling the co-op

1-2= for being on the "Jukebox" committee which entails dealing with the music to be played as we dance

Barring any Board of Directors, co-op, or dancer meetings this adds to about 45 hours a week. It is no wonder I have creaky knees and twitching eyelid.

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