Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Change of Plans

The first of November arrived without me really having made up my mind about what I wanted to do about school this year. I put off opening my email until the very end of the day, desperately trying to delay finding out my LSAT results. 153, not terrible as I made it out to be at first as it is still above average, but not amazing. The results paired with my GPA (around a 3.5) probably would get me into one or more of the bay area law schools, but after further contemplation I've decided that if I were to settle for just whatever school I could get into would be to rush through life again, a bad habit I am trying desperately hard to escape.

To further settle my internal argument I found that the average age of law school admittance is 26. I'm 22; why the hell do I want to put myself through all this mess now when I still have 4 years on the average?

I have decided to delay only another year more, during which time I am going to focus more on building my own interests and independence. Within the next few months, when my friend and elected superior chooses to vacate the position, I plan to apply for the Lead Madam position, which would give me the responsibility of the day-to-day functions of coordinating the dancers at the Lusty Lady. Also, I would like to start writing a complete history of the SF Lusty Lady, using my degree in the way it was intended. In addition, I'd like to travel, though the destinations are now unknown, to perform, despite my lack of experience, to express myself
artistically through writing and my many crafts, and to read voraciously.

Ok, so this is not an entirely seperate course from what I had previously envisioned, but this path is certainly different from what I have ever done before. This next year will be about me and whatever I choose to get myself into, though I am anticipating both and internal and external struggles to be sure. Unplanned futures are not accepted from recent graduates and I am sure my choices are going to unsettle many in my wake.

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